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"The trippy watcher"

Handrawn with gel pen on my A6 sketchbook. This one was pure bliss to make.

"Blissful day"

Fineliner and felt tip pen on A3 paper.

"You make me bloom"

Handmade mandala zendoodle, micron fineliners and felt tip pen on A6 paper

"Petal mazed"

Hand drawing on A3 paper, micron fineliners and single felt tip pen

"Finally free"

Black gel pen on A6 paper

Hey Shellie!

Micron on A6 paper

"Tangle invasion"

Zentangle drawing handmade on A4 paper, felt tip and fineliner.


(Mixed media) This would translate in "I really want to bring you to the beach", but in italian everything sounds more romantic, right?...

"Swirled around"

Black microns on A6 paper


Digital drawing